Print and interactive design based in basel – for more info: info(at), +41 799441343

Together with my initial background in art history and media theory, well-founded and diverse interests and an eye for details help me to think in a larger context. Therefore, I always have the ambition to find aesthetic and often typographical solutions based on strong concepts. Currently I'm deepening my knowledge in the MA program in "Visual Communication and Iconic Research" at the HGK FHNW Basel. Nevertheless, I'm always interested in an exchange of ideas, cooperations or projects of any kind.

A selection of commissioned aswell as free works will be shown at this place in the near future. Meanwhile, feel free to get in touch if you would like to have more informations.

Panorama: Tumblr, Techno Poster Generator, For Friends of Aesthetics, Deutsches Design Museum, You Want It Darker We Kill The Flame, David Gobber, The Useless Web, Salathé Architekten, Studio Bureau

Contact / Social:
Bosco Ferreira
+41 799441343

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